Summary: Lossing SMS on S6 is not terrible now. With the help of FIleRescure Android Data Recovery, you can easily recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6

Text message is an important means to communicate with others, for example, something that we are unable to directly speak out, we can use text messages, especially between the couples, the boyfriend and girlfriend, etc. But do take good care of your messages, or you may get into trouble. Say,

“Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S6 was got by my little son and many files in the phone got deleted including some precious messages, is it possible to get back them? The messages record sweet memories and I do not want to lose them. Please help. Thanks a million. “—Lisa

Well, due to different reasons, messages on our phone may be deleted. It does not matter if we backup the SMS before, but if we did not backup before, we need some other tools to help get back the messages. Here, FileRescure Android Data Recovery is highly recommended.

About FileRescure Android Data Recovery
1. Support both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
2. Can recover deleted text messages as well as other files such as videos, photos, contacts, and more
3. 100% safe and clean, no advertisement, read-only, and no privacy leak

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How to Recover Deleted Text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Download the android data recovery

Free trial versions are available, download the program according to your system (Mac or Windows, both share similar features.). Install it to your computer, run it. And then , connect your phone to the program with usb cable.

recover deleted text messages from samsung galaxy s6

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your device

Next, the program will ask you to enable usb debugging on your phone. The steps are shown in the window, you can refer them if you do now know how.


Step 3. Scan your device for the lost text messages

After you enable USB debugging, the software will enter your phone’s file system, and then list all file types that can be recovered in the next window. Select Messages and hit Scan button to scan your phone.


Step 4. Recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6

After the scanning is over, go to the scan result in the left sidebar to find the messages there. Tick the items you need, hit on Recover button to recover them from your Galaxy S6.


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Note: The Android Data Recovery recommended here cannot recover files that are overwritten by new data, so, please do not use your phone once you delete something by mistake.

  • Jesson

    Nice share

  • Tony L

    Does this tool need to root the Galaxy S6? I tried it, but it does not recognize my phone.

    • Yes, you need to root your phone before you can use this program.

  • jimmy

    Compared to most similar app that costs $49.95, this one is a little cheaper, $39.95 is the price I can accept. But why do you add the price tag in the article?

    • Hi, jimmy. Thanks for your advice. In the product page, price tag are added so as to let users know how much the software costs. But as you mentioned that, we will add that in every page. Thanks.