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  • Jesson


  • Ana

    Hi. I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 and trying your software to recover lost photos. After the program finish scanning, it cannot recover lost photos. Why? I am using your free trial version Android data recovery. I want to recover many precious photos. Please help.

    • Hi, Ana. I am sorry to tell you that the free trial version cannot recover lost photos. You need to purchase the full version so that you can recover deleted photos from your Galaxy S7.

      • Ana

        Thanks for your reply. But when I try to purchase your software, it stuck. Nothing proceed. Please help.

        • I am afraid there may be something wrong with the current version you downloaded. Please uninstall it and download the software from our site once again. Let the software upgrade if it detects new version. Then purchase the software following the software’s guide. Hope this helpful to you.

  • Anna

    Your Android Data Recovery is good but why do you add a feature to put back the recovered text messages to the phone? I have to buy another app to do the job which is not what I wish to.

  • Laurie

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Version 7.0 can this program recover my deleted photos. the previous programs I purchased could not. is there any hope

    • I think it can, You can try it. If it fails to restore lost photos, you can request full refund.