Summary: Do not be too much worried about the lost photos on S8, now, you will see how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge (Plus) internal memory and memory card with FileRescure photo recovery software in this article.

“Hi, guys. I love photographing very much. Even with the Galaxy S8, I take much photos and record many videos with the device. But unfortunately, the device was set to factory reset accidently, which I do not even know why and how. So, all precious photos and videos are gone. how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S8?”—Steven

Well. If you meet such trouble, what can you do? Do not worry, it is easy to get back the lost photos. As long as the deleted photos are not overwritten by new data, you can recover them. What you need is an Android Data Recovery or Windows Data Recovery.

Why lost data can be recovered

In fact, the deleted files are not deleted permanently from the device immediately when they are deleted, they are still in the device but hidden, and cannot access by general users. The space they occupy is marked “Free to use”, so , they can easily be overwritten by new data. Now, with special data recovery tools, the deleted files can be recovered before they are overwritten.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge (Plus) internal memory

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Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)
Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)

Step 1. Connect your S8 to the program

Run the Android data recovery program after you finish installing it. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

Next, you need to enable USB debugging on your S8 or S8 Edge (Plus). After that, the program will automatically connect your device.

Step 3. Select file type to scan

Then, you can select file type you want to scan, here, you just need to tick the box before Photos, and next, click Start button to scan your device for the lost photos.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge (Plus)

Finally, you can preview recoverable photos after the scan. Mark the photos you need, and hit on Recover button to restore them from your device.

free download_win
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Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)
Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)

How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Galaxy S8 memory card

Windows data recovery from FileRescure is a good tool for you to restore photos from memory card in the Galaxy S8. Only several steps can help you get back the deleted pictures
how to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8
Step 1. Run the data recovery, click Standard mode, and then, select the first recovery mode
Step 2. Connect your memory card to the computer
Step 3. Select file types to scan
Step 4. Preview and recover deleted photos from Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge (Plus) memory card.

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Note: Do not save the recoverable photos to your memory card directly, or it cause danger to other deleted files on the card.


  • Jesson

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    Awesome! Good program!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Glad our software helps you

  • We have confidence in our software. And we think we can make the software support new Android system in a short time after it is released.

  • Jessica

    Is there a limit to recover lost photos,videos with your software, for example, 1GB file one time? I put a lot of short videos and photos about my family in my new S8, but unfortunately, they are deleted by my little daughter.

    • Hi. Jessica. Sorry to hear that. But we have not yet test a limit on the software when it recovers data. So, just try it to restore your photos and videos, if there is a limit, tell us. Enjoy your use. Note: Do not add new files to your phone, or your deleted files will be in danger.

  • Lisa

    So, why did you recommend the second software to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 memory card? I tried the first one, it can do the job as well. I want to get back lost photos from the SD card in the phone. Please tell me why. Thanks.

    • Windows Data Recovery can recover more than 550 types of files, including but not limited to photos, videos, documents, Excel, PDF, etc., while Android Data Recovery is not that powerful. If you only need to restore photos and videos from Galaxy S8 internal memory and the SD card, Android data recovery is better, for it can recover contacts, text messages, etc. which Windows Data Recovery cannot do.

  • Mike

    Hi, after I download your software and try to connect my S8 to the program, it asks me to root the phone. Are you sure rooting the phone will not cause data loss?

    • Hi, Mike. Do not worry about rooting, it does not cause data. I am quite sure about that. Go ahead.

  • Rose

    Not receive the key after I purchased the software, please help.

    • IN ten minutes, you will receive the key. Please be patient.

    • Patricia

      How long did you wait before you received the key? I meet the same problem now.

  • Ivy

    I am happy to purchase your software because I want to recover deleted some photos from my Samsung Galaxy S8 +, but I am afraid my photos are overwritten by some new texts and calls because I sent some text messages and made some calls after I find some precious photos were gone. Does that matter?

    • Hi, IVY. Thanks for your question. But do not worry about your texts and phone calls, they are small in volume, and they may occupy little data. Most of your deleted photos should be safe.

  • Bruce

    Really helpful. Thanks.

  • Jessica

    Hi, are all the deleted photos found on Galaxy S8 can be recovered with your android data recovery? I am to purchase the app, but not sure whether the software really works.

    • Hi, Jessica. As long as the photos can be found by our software, they can be recovered. Just give a try to our software.

  • Dianna Bonn

    I cannot get this program to find my phone which is connected via USB cable. When I click on external device, it says there is nothing connected

    • Hi, Dianna. Which one you were trying? Please make sure your computer can recognize your phone first.

  • Jessica

    Hi. I purchased your software but did not received the key to activate it. Please help.

    • Hi, Jessica. Sorry for that but please wait about ten minutes, generally, if a system error happens, it takes ten minutes to recover. Please wait. Your patience will be appreciated a lot.

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    Helpful software, thanks.

    • Hi, James. Thanks for your feedback. Your comment is quite important to me and other users. Thanks a lot!

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      I will try the android data recovery here to say whether you are cheating. I will back if the software does not work with my Galaxy S8.

  • Cynthia S. Francis

    The android data recovery works. Though some photos are not found, most are recovered. Thanks.

    • Hi, Cynthia. Thanks for your feedback. I am afraid that the missing photos were overwritten by new data. But you are lucky to recover most lost photos.

      • Renee

        Some of photos are not recovered, either. But most are restored,which makes me exited. Thanks. I am more excited than disappointed.

      • Jacqueline

        I think you are right. but what a pity that some photos are not found on my Galaxy S8!

        • Amanda J

          Me too.

      • Maria D

        Do you mean that the program can recover all lost photos if I did nothing to my Galaxy S8 after the photos were deleted?

        • Yes. If there is new data added to your phone after you deleted photos, the deleted photos are safe in your phone and can be restored with our software.

    • Robert

      Did you purchase the software? I am using the free version, but it seems not able to recover any photos. Do I have to purchase before I can use it to recover deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy S8 +?

      • Cynthia S. Francis

        Sure. The free version cannot recover lost photos, which has limited features compared to the full version.

  • R. Schanz

    I only sent and received some messages after I deleted some precious photos by accident before I upload them to Cloud this morning.Can your software recover all of them?

    • Yes. In theory, some messages may not overwrite one photo. Our software can recover all of them. Give it a try now!

  • John B

    Purchased your software, but not receive the licence. Please help.

  • Ken Roberts

    I accidentally deleted 2 “Stories” from the Gallery on my Galaxy S8, not realizing the videos shot those days would be deleted. Tried your app and the Kingo Root, both failed. This is an AT&T phone. Any help would be a huge blessing!

    • Hi Ken. Please hold, we will try to find a solution and tell you soon. Thank you.

      • Ken Roberts

        I hope you can help, I am crushed I have lost these videos!

        • Hi , Ken. I am sorry but we cannot root the AT&T S8. Maybe you need to search on Google for solutions.

          • Ken Roberts

            I have tried but the only thing found refers me to your software. Thanks for checking. Now I know to NOT delete the “Stories” in the Gallery app, it deletes the pics as well.

            *Ken Roberts*

  • ThomasLee

    So, I can only receive 35% off when I purchase the software by clicking the Buy Now link you listed here? I am to purchase the app from the software iteself, but it asks $49.95.