Summary: Lost photos on Windows 10 can be recovered, with the FileRescure Data Recovery, you can easily recover deleted photos from Windows 10.

As more and more Windows users update from old versions to Windows 10, data loss on Windows 10 happens more and more often now. For example, losing photos,

“Hi, I move many photos from my digital camera Canon 5D to the my computer which I updated to Windows 10 days ago, but unfortunately, some photos are deleted by my little daughter, what’s worse, I cannot find them in the recycle bin. So, is there any tool can recover deleted photos from Windows 10? ”—Jessica

As is known to all, when we delete something on Windows with general method, the deleted files will be saved in the recycle bin first, such deleted files can be recovered; but if you delete them from recycle bin, the lost files cannot be recovered that easy, you need some special tool to recover the deleted files. Here, FileRescure Windows Data Recovery is a good choice to you.

About FileRescure Data Recovery
Can recover videos, photos, documents, PDF files, and many more files
Work well on Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Read-only, no risk, no ad

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows 10

Step 1. Select recovery mode

Run the data recovery program on your computer, you will come to the main interface-wizard mode. You can go on with this mode, but I will recommend Standard mode, which contains 4 recovery modes to ensure the success rate of recovery. When you see the four recovery modes, select the first mode, which can quickly recover lost files.
recover deleted photos from windows 10

Step 2. Scan the disk for lost photos

Next, you need to specify file type to scan; and locate where to recover photos from. After that, click Scan button to scan the disk for lost photos. Based on the amount of lost photos, the scanning time varies.

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted photos from Windows 10

When the scanning is over, you can preview the recoverable photos in the scanning result. Select the photos you need, and click Recover to restore the photos from windows 10. Remember not to save the recovered photos to the disk where you recover them from, for data security.

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Note: New data can overwrite deleted files, so, once you delete important files by mistake, find a tool to recover them as soon as possible.

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  • Jessica

    It is a good tool, however, the Windows free trial version can only recover 100MB files, which may not enough to show the feature of this tool. Hope you can improve this.

    • Hi, Jessica. Thanks for choosing our software. But we think 100MB is enough to test the feature of the software. Even a video, you can choose to recover a small video to test. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.